When we sync a contract, we also sync all of the traits for the tokens of that contract. We have a fairly simple API to fetch the internal IDs for those in our system (to be used in contacts queries).


GET /contracts/:id/traits

Note that :id is the contractAddress.


// Example for the Woodies contract
    "id": "87dbf9a6-7bf5-4f5a-942d-779b30abcb64",
    "traitType": "Background Color",
    "displayType": "string",
    "possibleValues": [
      "Deep Woods",
      "Golden Hour",
      "Midnight Forest",
      "Spring Meadow",
      "Teal Sky",
      "Sapling Green"
    "createdAt": 1666638156318,
    "updatedAt": 1666923830187
    "id": "346a2081-00d9-4832-a5e3-5ef88e2206dc",
    "traitType": "Mask",
    "displayType": "string",
    "possibleValues": [
    "createdAt": 1666638156318,
    "updatedAt": 1666923835381

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